Practical Travel Expenses for Long-Haul Bus Drivers

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This handbook is a one‐stop solution for coach drivers to track and claim travel expenses. It’s a quick and easy way for long-haul motor coach drivers to track their travel and meal expenses for tax purposes. It explains the rules in plain language and provides the record‐keeping tables required by CRA. It explains CRA rules and details on what drivers can deduct and how much. Not only does the handbook explain the different methods drivers can use to track their expenses, it also includes simplified record keeping forms that can be used to support the claim. Carriers can support their drivers by making sure they never miss out on a meal deduction claim again. The book explains:

  • who can and can’t claim the deduction for meals and lodging
  • how much can be claimed
  • what length of trip qualifies for a meal allowance and expenses in the US
  • detailed explanation and examples of the record keeping methods along with frequently asked questions

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