MCC Bus Driver Licence Validity Check

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Visual inspection of each driver’s licence is not enough, nor is obtaining a driver abstract just once or twice a year!

A driver’s status can change from licensed to unlicensed at any time…don’t be the last to know. A driver with an invalid licence can cost your organization!

  • Insurance companies won’t cover vehicle damage
  • Your bus can be impounded in some jurisdictions
  • The safety and security of your passengers are at risk if a driver is downgraded or suspended for a medical reason, criminal code conviction or bad driving
  • Exposure to fines, and costly civil litigation in the case of an accident
  • Downgrade to your safety rating

How it works

MCC offers a simple, cost-effective way for members to check the validity and class of any Canadian drivers licence on-line.*
Our secure web-based access requires no special hardware or software, simply enter the licence number, date of birth and province and instantly receive a report by e-mail with up to the second licence status and classification. Our system allows multi-user and multi-location access. Check now/pay later – billing is done via an MCC invoice after the fact which can be paid by cheque or credit card.
*MCC’s program excludes drivers licenced in Ontario.