Instructor's Manual - Canada's Daily Vehicle (Trip) Inspection Requirements for Bus & Motor Coach

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This comprehensive Instructor Manual for Canada’s new daily vehicle (trip) inspection requirements is the ideal tool for:

  • reviewing operational processes relating to the new daily vehicle inspection requirements and making sure all company policies are defined

  • training your mechanics and drivers on all essential elements of the rules

It comes with a fully animated CD-based training program and a full-colour 200-page instructor manual that will guide your trainers through every step of the process. The training program is comprised of three paths with many links between these components. This allows trainers to tailor their delivery to suit their audience. The three main paths are:

  1. executive summary that is designed to help define company policies relating to the new requirements for Daily Vehicle Inspections.

  2. mechanic training – an overview of the daily inspection requirements and reporting requirements for bus drivers and training for technicians who are required to conduct under-vehicle inspections of motor coaches operating under the optional “two-stage” program.

  3. driver training – detailed explanation of driver’s responsibilites. During delivery the instructor can access the detailed information on each inspection item that is part of the new driver daily inspection responsibilities.

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